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This book explores the intimate connections between science, Tao and LaHoChi healing energy. You will discover why and how LaHoChi magnetism works. Anyone wishing to evolve on their path of life will find here key concepts conducive to its flourishing. This manual will also be a specific journey companion for the practitioner LaHoChi, throughout his practice.
  After a first part of the LaHoChi study in a scientific and empirical way, the second part, with a simple and clear self-treatment and healing methodology, will accompany you in your first steps as a LaHoChi practitioner.
Hypnotherapist, Reiki teacher Usui and LaHoChi, Christian Kalafate (Essec 05) has been dedicated for more than ten years, after a career in marketing within large groups, energy care and support for well-being.

Lahochi "English version"

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